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Thread: Best treatment for Subtype 1

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    Default Best treatment for Subtype 1

    I'm looking for the best Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea treatment. Please make any suggestions.


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    Default Best treatment for subtype 1


    I have this subtype as well. The only thing that has given me significant relief is treatment to eliminate the swollen blood vessels with VBeam Laser. This has stopped episodes of flushing and eliminates pink patches and purple blood vessels. I have one area on each cheek that needs ongoing treatment ( once a year ), but this is an amazing reduction from what my face once looked like: All pink with terrible, painful episodes of flushing!
    Because I blush easily when feeling shy or stressed, I use biofeedback to help with my emotional self and blushing. It has helped my confidence. I do this because I don't want to take any more drugs than I already do ( for rheumatoid arthritis, not rosacea ).
    Have you looked on the website: for more information? They send out a free newsletter.

    Hope this helps.

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