Dear Rider and Missyred -

I too have an enlarged nose! I have seen it enlarge over the last three year span. It is crushing. I also have type 1 rosacea (vascular). I have had several opinions about my nose from 3 derms, two plastic surgeons and one plastic surgeon who deals only in rhinoplasty. NO one calls what I have Rhinophyma - except for one plastic surgeon who tells me that it could be the beginning stages. My derms and most importantly the nose surgeon (who sees rhinophyma all the time) tells me that I do not have it (mind you that was two years ago). I have to go back and see him again and he may change his mind. I do not have any of the bumps or pimples, I only have the swollen, painful, enlarged nose. IS THIS NOT RHINOPHYMA or the beginning stages?! I am unclear. I am 52 and now in menopause. The transition from peri-menopause to menopause was hell on my rosacea. I have always felt that I have a bigger nose than I would like but now I just feel that it really jumps out. I am on 40mg doxy twice a day (which has done nothing to help my nose). I find that IPL on my nose only is very helpful with the pain but does not do much to reduce the size.

I would love to hear what steps you are taking and any progress you are making in trying to reduce your nose size. The thought of Rhinophyma paralyses me!

I really look forward to hearing from you.

I wish you all the very best and thank you for listening/reading.