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Thread: Rosaceans interested in dating other rosaceans?

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    Thanks again for your replies. I really do appreciate it. I think this board may end up being the best rosacea related thing I've stumbled into for quite some time.

    Oh, and Melissa, if you want to do any matchmaking on my behalf, please feel free to do so!


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    I can relate to the OP. I've often wondered if dating a rosacean or someone with a tendency to flush easily would be worth a shot. I too have been trying internet dating for about a year now. I've met lots of lovely girls - one of whom I was very interested in - but nothing hinting at a relationship thus far. I've had a couple of major flushes during dates - both with the girl that I liked - and it didn't seem to bother her. Of course, she ended things with me a couple of weeks later so maybe she did find it unattractive. Then again there are a million possible reasons, so it's probably best not to over-analyse. I do dread the day when I've been dating someone for a little while, and then they see me flush terribly in a social situation where I'm trying to impress their friends or their parents! I know it's going to happen one day, and that thought fills me with anxiety.

    I just figure that if my partner can relate to my problem, I won't feel as nervous about these sorts of situations arising.

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    When you are with the right person you are a team. And everything you experience is as a team. That person doesn't necessarily need rosacea to understand what you are going through when they are with you on a daily basis. They can understand what you are dealing with because they see it firsthand.

    One of my most stressful worries is the same as you. That I will have a terrible flush right in the middle of a social situation over which I have no control and nowhere to go. For example, my husband's annual office Christmas Party. It involves a relatively small group of people (about 12 including spouses/ significant others etc) in a different restaurant each year. Anyway it is intimidating because all the women are beautiful with perfect skin and flawless complexions. And we really don't know them per se so it is not like I when I am with my family or friends. Anyway it is very stressful. But my husband makes it less so by saying no matter what he is with me on whatever I want to do. So if I have a terrible flush we can leave. Just knowing that makes it easier for me. I do not want to leave of course as that is potentially embarrassing for my husband but knowing he loves me more than what people may think makes all the difference to me.

    What I am trying to say is that we are all vulnerable in one way or another and it can be very difficult when your vulnerability is out there for the world to see. Having someone special who loves you for you makes life a whole lot better and in order to find that special person rosacea can actually make it easier for you. It weeds out the people that are not so special IMO. Looks fade and real beauty is from within and while that may sound like some sort of feel good drivel it is the truth. Divorce is all around us and I think part of that reason is that people don't really get to know the person they marry but rather the person they see. Rosacea enables people to get to know the real you much more quickly and cuts through the crap.

    OK, now I am looking for 2 special girls LOL one for Mitch and one for you
    Hang in there Simon. I know the right girl is out there for you. Emphasis on the right one.

    Best wishes,

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    Quote Originally Posted by phlika29 View Post
    I tend to think it would make me worse.

    I work with someone who blushes easily and most of the time when we talk to each other if he blushes then I blush and if I blush then he blushes (i know not quite the same thing but you get my drift). The only way we can converse if about 10 ft away from each other looking into the middle distance.

    hilarious and true.

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    Well, if there were a 'rosacea colony', .. Oh hell, even... A ghetto, town, country, LOL.. I must just live there. It would certainly make everything easier for people with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BingoBangoBongo View Post
    Well, if there were a 'rosacea colony', .. Oh hell, even... A ghetto, town, country, LOL.. I must just live there. It would certainly make everything easier for people with it.
    Take me with you! As soon as I have got troubles with rosacea, lots of things has changed. It's beed almost 2 yrs since I filed a divorce and I thought if I get divorce papers online, I would get nervous less, and I was wrong 'bout that. We still had to meet at court, then I found out that my ex found a new gf with shiny complexion, I've got just more inflammations and I haven't had a successful date for quite a while. I believe, it would be easier if I could meet someone, who looks like me and doesn't pay much attention for staring at my cheeks.

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    I dont see why that would not be ok !
    you can check the does he like me signs and be sure of it and then go on
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