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Thread: Any recommended multivitamin for women?

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    Smile Any recommended multivitamin for women?


    I am taking One a Day Women's Complete Multivitamin. This vitamin has 10 mg of Niacin in it and I was just told that Niacin can cause facial flushing. This multivitamin also has Niacinamide in it, which I was told can be helpful as an anti-inflammatory. I don't know if these two ingredients together will affect facial redness and flushing or not?

    I have overall redness on my face (more like blotchiness, uneven skin tone) and some broken capillaries. I've been told my rosacea is mild and that I have more of a pink overall tone to my face, rather than red. Either way, I'd like to reduce the redness, not make it worse!

    Will 10 mg of Niacin taken daily in a multivitamin (I take the vitamin with food) cause constant redness? If this is the case, then can anyone recommend a multivitamin that I can take that does not have Niacin in it, but still has all of the other essential vitamins in it like Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, other B vitamins, Zinc, Iron, Selenium, Copper, etc.?

    I want to take a multivitamin daily but don't want it to cause me to become more red and inflamed!

    Thank you for your advice and help.

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    Hi -

    Personally, I wouldn't take a multi-vitamin with Niacin, but thats me. You are right in that it causes flushing, while Niacinmide does not. I don't know if taking Niacin can cause permanent flushing, maybe so, but I do know the theory is there if you flush, and depending on how often you do, you may have a greater tendency to broken capillaries.

    I buy all my vitamins individual, pricey yes, but I find that many mult-vitamins have vitamins in it that I don't want - some of the vitamin B's (like 6 and 12), iodine, kelp, citrus, etc. I take grape seed, pycegenol, evening primrose, hair and skin vitamin, turmeric, iron, and zinc.

    Good luck.


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    I stay clear of multivitamins as I find that it s not only niacin that makes me flush but also vitamin C. But you should most certainly avoid anything with niacin in.

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