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    Dear all,
    i am taking accutane for 11 days, 10mg / day, and my skin is a lot redder and really bad. did you have the same problems at the beggining of your tane, will it become better.
    thanks for your reply and sorry for my english

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    The very first time I took Accutane 20mg a day (aged 30yrs) for 3 years it was great. But I only had inflammatory rosacea, no erythema, or flushing. It cleared it up well enough, no problems and I even had remission from this ghastly disorder for 10yrs!!!!. 3 years ago-it resurfaced, aged 45yrs, and i took Accutane 20mg every other day for few months, but inflammation kep sneaking through, I went up to 20mg every day. Wish I hadn't....had huge flare up, inflammation and all the flushing started. The blood vessels were so reactive -even to touch the skin. I had a just over a year on minocycline several V beams and IPL, then fantastic for a while!!-but minocycline stppoed being effective. Derm put me on Cotrimoxazole which was working fine, but then we though we would slip some accutane in again! That was the start of slippery slope downward, increasing erythema, huge increase in flushing, which seemed to aggravate the swelling and inflammation again. My derm didn't believe me or couldn't see past the benefits of Accutane.
    I now take bare minimum of the stuff for oil control 10mg 1-2 per week.
    My personal (and it is based on my experience only)advice is try to take as little as possible to keep inflammatory P&Ps away.

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    Hi -

    What you are experiencing is normal. Your skin (and body) will react a little as it adjusts to the dosage. Generally, the lower the dose, the lesser the side effects. If you are very sensitive and skin very reactive, I suggest to stay at this dose or even lower. 10mg a day or every other day for moderate P/P or acne (with Rosacea) will get you clear without exaccerbating your Rosacea.

    Good luck. Wish you well with your course!

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