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    Default antibiotics

    What exactly do they do for rosacea? help flushing, texture, oiliness, or just pimples?

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    They are thought to exhibit an anti-inflammatory effect.
    Some doctors believe they might also inhibit angiogenesis. (Clarithromycin for one).

    If someone has a bumpy texture and/or pustules, and their skin is relatively non sensitive, they might benefit from finacea, or sulphur based topicals. The latter will help reduce oiliness as well. Sometimes too much!
    Previous Numerous IPL.
    Supplements: Niacinamide, Vit K2, low D3, Vit A. Moderate Dose Vit C, Iodine, Taurine, Magnesium. Very low dose B's. Low dose zinc (to correct deficiency).
    Skin Care: No Cleanser, ZZ cream mixed with Niacinamide gel 4% and LMW HA 2%, ethyl ascorbate 2%.

    Treating for gut dysbiosis.(This is helping).
    Previous GAPS diet. Have now introduced lots of fibre.
    Fermented Foods. Intermittent fasting -16-18 hours.
    Oral Colostrum. Helps reduce food reactions.

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