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Thread: Active vs Non Active Members in Rosacea Groups

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    Default Active vs Non Active Members in Rosacea Groups

    This forum is unique in that it has a feature that shows the total number of ACTIVE members vs the total number of members who by induction are non active. As of this date here is the tally:

    Members: 13,777
    Active Members: 562

    The active members are about 4%.

    An article this year appearing at the New York Times online edition says that another rosacea group has
    8000 members and that the total number of active members are 2500 which is 31%. Here is the source:

    It is interesting to compare the total number of posts with these two groups:

    Rosacea Forum: 80,552 posts
    The other rosacea group: 108,000 posts (includes two groups under the same owner)

    The Rosacea Forum began in 2004 while the other rosacea group began in November 1998.

    What do you conclude from this data?
    Brady Barrows
    Join the RRDi

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    I prefer this board over all the others

    As far as I know, the main person for admin work and also paying for it is "Warren"
    and he has never asked for any money to help support it.

    Also a big thanks is owed to all volunteer Moderators

    On that note there a specific Name/Address I can send my measly check to
    in order to make sure this web site stays up ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brady Barrows View Post
    What do you conclude from this data?
    That Brady you have obviously have nothing else better to do than start meaningless threads. This takes me back to a previous thread you started about comparing membership numbers and posts, which ended with you looking rather silly, It also reminds me of the pointless discussion held a few months back about the NRS and their finances which again left you having to back track on what you had previously said.

    The other rosacea groups you are reluctant to name are the Rosacea Support Group and the Rosacea Support Community both run by David Pascoe. These two together with this Forum are the main and most popular rosacea support groups and I belong to all three. Both David and Warren do excellent, unselfish work keeping their groups functioning and thus helping others benefit from the shared knowledge base which is available from the input of the members.

    Rather than numbers and silly statistics I am more interested in adding to the quality and usefulness of information written about rosacea. Your initial post unfortunately does nothing to meet this criteria and I suspect there are other motives here.


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    Gentlemen, if we could just play nicely that would be great. We have had enough trouble with spammers of late.

    Brady to answer your question, what do I conclude? I conclude that (as Peter said) there is room for all of the forums. Each one of the forums provides help to those who need it and each forum has its own personality. I of course love the open, often lively discussions the the RF thrives on and the members that reside here.
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    Yes, to second what Sarah has said please let's all concentrate on helping each other as this type of discussion serves no purpose.
    I belong to all 3 groups myself and thank goodness they all exist as we need them all! David and Warren are amazing individuals that provide a great service for all rosacea sufferers and I cannot thank them enough.

    Best wishes,

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