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Thread: Instructions on how to build your own red light device

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    Hi Melissa, this is a great how-to. My father is suffering from early-stage Alzheimer's, and LLLT/LED Therapy is supposedly quite efficacious. I'm interested in either hacking together a helmet/wrap of sorts for him. I was thinking around 500-1000 LEDs. The best wavelength is around 830-850 infrared. They have to physically touch the scalp to penetrate enough. Could you offer any advice or direction on a good vector to go about this?

    A bit of reference,

    Thanks kindly,

    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa W View Post
    Hey Daftpunk,
    My husband said it took him approximately 20-25 hours from start to finish including thinking about design to completion.

    I have been delinquent in using the device in the last year but I do want to start again. I am not going to make excuses except to say that I have been doing knock wood pretty good re flushing so I got lazy with using the RLT. I think I will start again Monday. Thanks for the push! And good luck to you!!


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    I working on the design of general purpose, high power, LLLT units. There is a website created to show how to do it, but it is not complete yet. This would probably be a good fit. I did not hear that LLLT could help Alzheimer's. Someone in my family is starting to suffer symptoms so I am motivated to give it a shot. Most of the google results were from 2008/2009 and not much since then so I am wondering if they just hoped it worked, but did not pan out?

    Also, I don't think you need to touch the skin. You just need sufficient power. I am building a red light unit with a mixture of 630nm, 660nm, and 680nm that has more power than I anything I have seen out there (for full face). So it would only be a matter of changing to the correct LED wavelength. It was interesting to see the fans on that unit. You will definitely need a way to cool it. I prefer passive cooling, but that does require a lot of heatsink volume. The good thing is they have some very high power LED's now (CREE or the like), as opposed to the old surface mount LED's which are very low power by comparison.

    We could probably talk outside of this thread further though. For others, I will give the link for high power DIY solutions after the website is complete.

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    Default LED file as PDF

    Hi, sorry it was a while ago and my old url no longer works. I have attached the original file here.
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