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Thread: Supplements before and after IPL

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    Question Supplements before and after IPL

    Hi all,

    With the help of some of your comments and encouragement, I’m getting up the courage to try IPL. I have a patch test next Tue and then my first of three treatments is Nov 26, right before Thanksgiving.

    I see a hol doc, and take many different supplements under her direction. I gave a list of all of these to the derm, and he didn’t really see problem with any of them. I did a search here to try to find what supplements to discontinue and resume and when, but can only find bits and pieces.

    I see many comments about discontinuing blood thinning supplements and medications, such as Fish Oil and Ibuprofen 10 days prior to treatment. What is it about the blood thinning that is a worry—bruising? The only other thing I could find was that supplements that prevent angiogenesis are good for after the treatment.

    I take Cortisol, which has really made an improvement for redness, inflammation, and burning for me. (See post “Cortisol Therapy” in Oral products.) My hol doc recommends discontinuing that for a about a week prior, since I want the redness and inflammation to be there for the treatment.

    I would appreciate advice from those of you with IPL experience . . . Which supplements should I discontinue before treatment and when (and why)? When can I start the supplements again and when? What is good to prevent angiogenesis?

    Also, should I discontinue them for the patch test?

    Many thanks,
    LaRoche Posay Toleraine products
    Zinc, Selnenium, Omega 3&6, B complexes, Vit C, Cal/Mag, Probiotics, digestive enzymes
    Mirtazapine, Lyrica, Ibuprofen
    MetroGel .75% or Finacea occasionally
    Avoid sugar, alcohol, low gluten, low dairy

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    IPL destroys blood vessels by coagulating the blood inside - that's why blood thinners are counterproductive.

    For the same reason, it's good to take vitamin K before IPL - vitamin K helps blood to clot.

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    You also want to stop things that can strengthen blood vessels such as grape seed extract for the reason that Steve mentioned.

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    Hi Melissa,

    I would suggest to d/c the supplements that might thin the blood or strengthen the blood vessels for about a week before and a week after IPL/laser treatment.

    Good luck with your treatment!

    Best wishes,

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