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Thread: delayed negative reaction to IPL

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    Default delayed negative reaction to IPL

    so i had my second IPL with dr Crouch 2 and a half weeks ago, and abut a week after the session (and of that post-IPL period of perfect skin), I noticed an area of discoloration on my left cheek that wasn't there before. It seems more surface based as when i stretch the skin (the areas with rosacea fade into paleness), but this seems to sit on the skin like tiny little red and slightly brown marks forming a patch.

    I got so depressed about this because it actually looked worse that before i started the treamtent. I decided to start finacea on the area again to see if i could fade it, and it does seem to be slowly diminishing. Now i have had 12 IPL's before but never a reaction like this.

    Can anyone relate, or offer any advice?


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    I can relate.

    Firstly, don't panic yet. It could simply be veins dying. Or, it might be transient hyperpigmentation. If it is the latter, interfering with it might cause this to worsen.
    Stretching the skin to get a better look could be damaging too. I have done all of the above with regret.

    Leave it alone and hopefully it will resolve itself. If you do indeed have a patch of hyperpigmentation, and you are of a fair complexion, it is likely to fade away. The fact it is already diminishing is a good sign.

    And of course, you can always call Dr Crouch with your concerns.
    I hope you achieve success with your treatments.
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    hi mistica

    thanks for youyr reply. Do you think finacea is interfering with it?

    getting hold of dr Crouch between visits is not really an option. He is NEVER available to talk, due to the quite bizarre telephone system used at Burghley Park...You can only ever leave a message, and hope that his secretary will call you back. I have been waiting for 2 weeks now for a phonecall.

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    I find that the best way to contact him is via email. Email him with a photograph and he will get back to you.

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    Yes he is very quick to reply to emails.
    Try not to worry though. It can take a long while for IPL to settle. My skin is usually a mess for 3-4 weeks after treatment. hang in there.

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