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Thread: Spa treatments?

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    Default Spa treatments?

    I loved going to a spa or beauty salon either 4massages, using the jaccuzzi, sauna, pool or facials anytime I needed a pick-me-up or just as a bit of pampering. I also loved it cos of the social aspect. I feel that now this part of a treat to myself for wotever reason has been snatched away.

    Trouble is nowadays no matter where u go 4a treatment the rooms r just far too warm. They only do this cos a lot of the time people have to strip off therefore would be a tad bit nippy lol.
    Is there anything one can do about this or just have to avoid spas/salons altogether? I know that u can have people call out to ur own home but its not the same and its dearer.

    On another aspect of this, my skin really needs some kind of treatment. Ive been quite stressed throughout the yr cos of: having to deal with the emotions of rosacea; not going on holiday this yr and anytime off work has only been a monday or friday (no weeks); the last 3weeks Ive been coming home from work just to start into revising till bed time for an exam in october and therefore haven seen my boyf in 2weeks; last but not least im simply exhausted and im sure my skin feels it too ZZzzzzzzz...............!

    So all in all my skin is its quite dry and well if i didnt have this rosacea it basically needs a good scrub and deep cleanse.

    Wot type of facials kind rosaceans have? Is it ones designed for sensitive skin/environmental control facials?


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    I would never have a facial. Trusting those esteticians, (know im spelling that wrong!) was the worst mistake i ever made. Made me go from subtype 1 to subtype 2. Anyways, most of them finish a crappy school that just teaches them basics that most of us already know (trust me, my mom works in cosmetics and she sees these people on a daily basis). They can really damage your skin. If you have normal skin, sure, but with rosacea, i wouldn't risk it. Most of their products contain harsh chemicals and you would never want to exfoliate your skin roughly. My derm told me to never exfoliate. He says skin doesn't really need it, it sheds fine by itself. It's just a big myth.

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