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Thread: Finacea experiences

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    Default On my 2nd week with it

    I have survived 2 weeks on it. I have seen a marked improvement in the amount of redness already. But I really have to make sure that it dries or the moisturizer I put on it blends in and then I get it all over, stingy in the eye area or something. I have samples the doctor gave me, but fear that the insurance will not cover it. Seems that ever since I went on Covered CA non of the prescriptions are covered even by a fraction.

    I have a fewer amount of flushing at night and seem to not be woken at 2 am as much. So that is a good thing.

    Now I think I can get back to wearing my mineral make-up again. It was getting so bad the make up brush felt like ice pick on my skin.

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    Default TIPS: For all of you complaining about the price!

    If you're going to europe (or know someone that is. Be creative.) you can in some countries buy it super cheap. Take Norway(where I live) for example; around $10. You can use your prescription from your doctor at home, or just book an appointment with a derm in whatever country you're in.

    The reason for this is the free national health care systems that exists in many european countries.

    This applies, of course, for MANY other medications as well.

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    Well, in USA electronic devices are cheap, but medicine is ridiculously expensive.
    In Europe is other way around

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    Default Just started Finacea, some questions...


    I recently went to a dermatologist for a skin cancer overall check and in the process she asked me "Have you ever been diagnosed with Rosacea?" I told her I have self diagnosed this and tried an OTC gel years ago that didnt work and now just cover with makeup. She also said a few times "and your pores are very large" - is this a symptom of Rosacea? I do not have pustule type Rosacea, only red vessels. Anyways I am thrilled she prescribed Finacea, I applied for the first time last night, no irritation or stinging which is good.

    I read on the prescription insert that Finacea should be applied AM and PM. My doc prescribed AM only. I also am trying out a whole redness reducing skin line treatment which involves wash,toner,hydrating serum, vitamin K serum, tinted moisturizer/SPF. It seems to make sense to me to apply the Finacea at bedtime after I simply wash my face. Somehow I dont want to apply serums on top of the Finacea, I dont want to mix the other products for fear the Finacea may be diluted or the effects decreased? I am going to ask the dermatologist my questions but I am curious why she prescribed Finacea to be applied in the AM only? Is there a benefit in doing so at this time vs PM? I am hoping I continue to have no adverse reaction to the Finacea - will have to keep you posted on that.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Bringing this thread back to life... has anyone on Finacea experienced their acne getting worse before it got better?

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