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Thread: Non-steroidal nasal sprays for flushing

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    Default Non-steroidal nasal sprays for flushing


    Sorry if this post is in the wrong place - I wasn't sure where to place it.

    I get really severe nasal flushing - not related to allergies or nasal congestion. My doctor recommended that I try a nasal decongestant spray to constrict the blood vessels and thus treat the flushing. I bought some oxymetazoline hydrochloride (0.05%) nasal spray (non-steroidal) and it works great.

    However, I'm told that nasal decongestants are intended for short term use only - ie. for alleviating colds and hayfever - and not for long-term use, which is what is required to manage rosacea.

    I am concerned about developing rebound nasal congestion (, which as the name suggests, is where you get nasal congestion from repeated usage. For this reason I try to limit the usage to severe flushes only - I never use the spray anymore than 2 days in a row and I'd probably only use it about 3 times a week. I've been using it this way for maybe 2 months and haven't noticed any obvious rebound congestion or any other side effects.

    I'm wondering if any of you have an idea of how often and how long you can use this stuff without getting the rebound congestion? I'd like to use it for as long and often as possible (forever if I can) but not enough to trigger the side effects. Any advice appreciated.


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    Hi it sounds like you are being sensible with the usage. I am not sure about long term effects and would recommend you go speak to your pharmacist.

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