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Thread: Clonidine & Klonopin

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    Default Clonidine & Klonopin

    I am thinking of talking with my doc about possibly trying one of these meds....I am not sure of the differences but Clonidine I know is prescribed to stop meno flushing in women.

    What I am most concerned with is can either med be used only as needed? Not a daily forever thing?

    I was thinking that it would be nice to have something on hand for when I have flushing episodes and need to help get it under control quickly but not be stuck on the med everyday forever.....

    does anyone use either of these and what has been the good and bad with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lookout View Post
    IWhat I am most concerned with is can either med be used only as needed? Not a daily forever thing?
    I've stopped flushes with a small dose of clonidine before, but the results were inconsistent and if you take too much, you get light-headed and it's actually a bit dangerous. Under a doctor's care, maybe that could be resolved.

    Clonazepam works well for anxiety-related flushing and can be taken as-needed. But be careful - physical addiction can happen quickly if you take it too often. Don't take it over more than a 48 hr period (24 hrs is preferable) and always give yourself at least 5 full days to washout. If you do get some withdrawals (it's inevitable, as you get used to using it) valerian root can calm them. Make sure the valerian root is standardized for valerenic acid.

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    clonidine is not handy for every now and then use. It can give rebound flushing for many, which can be tackled by taking a new dose within 8 hours, but this obviously won't happen if you take it every now and then. Light headedness is normal in the beginning as a side-effect, but for me after time disappeared.

    Clonazepam made me feel like I was hit by a truck. Completely outbalanced and unable to function properly. I would rather advice propranolol. Like other blood pressuring loering drugs it might make you lighheaded as well at first but take the time for your body to adjust to it. Propranolol shouldn't give you rebound flushing and can be used ocasionably. Clonazepam is accrding to me less innocent then propranolol. I would go for that one in your situation.

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    I took clonazepam (klonopin) for a short time for a sleep disorder (night terrors, sleep walking). It can cause weight gain--it's what Stevie Nicks was on when she gained all that weight. The side effects are apparently even worse if you are on a birth control pill.

    Put it to you this way: I was on .5mg 1xday (at night). I eat between 1300-1500 calories a day (I'm 5'1), and I am at the gym or the pool 5-7hrs a week. I gained 7.5 lbs in one week.

    it didn't make me feel like my appetite increased (and I monitor my caloric intake, so it wouldn't have mattered if I did feel more hungry more food is not going in me regardless). I just seemed pack weight on.

    Needless to say, I am off of it now and will never go back on it again.

    I did not notice any reduction of redness or swelling (my main problems) while on this drug. Granted, it was only for a week. It might be worth it if stress is a major cause of your rosacea. My major trigger is heat--anything that raises my body temp. So clonazepam was not helpful for me.

    The only non-antibiotic drug I've ever found to help with redness is something called spironolactone/aldactone. It lowers blood pressure (similar to clonidine) and testosterone. I was taking it for a disorder called PCOS. My skin cleared up (the minimal acne/bumps I had), redness seriously reduced--my skin looked like porcelain, it was amazing. Unfortunately I already have very low blood pressure, so even just 50mg 1xday of spironolactone was too much for me. I started passing out, having difficulty walking, etc. It can also cause some menstrual irregularities for women (bleeding much more often--like having your period 2x a month)

    However if you are more normal in other respects the spironolactone might work for you.

    Be aware if you are a guy, there are some odd side effects associated with it at higher doses.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've never tried Clonidine but i have been eating Klonopin for a couple of years, usually like twice/week, it's very addictive and with daily or near-daily use most people develop tolerance so i would never ever consider to eat Klonopin daily. It works like a charm for me and since i also have problems with anxiety i hit two birds with one stone with this med. Rebound flushing has never been a problem for me as long as i take low doses. 1-2mg works good for me. No side effects at all. Or well, i do get a bit of that "dopey" feeling but it's not like i can complain
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