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Thread: Time to Take its Effect

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    Question Time to Take its Effect


    i was wondering how long does it take to see some significant effect of red light on rosacea. I am looking for reduction in redness. I have been using triple head acne lamp (all red) for 5 weeks for nearly 10 mins/day. I do see that my skin is calmer,and I am finally able to use a moisturizer on a constant basis without many breakouts. I am also taking Doxy 100mg/day.

    Any advice from the veterans would be helpful .



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    I am glad your face is calmer.
    It took many many months for me to even notice any difference and the effects are cumulative so it really is for the long haul.
    As long as you are noticing improvement that is a good sign but patience is necessary with the light therapy as it takes a long time for big benefits usually.

    Best wishes,

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