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Thread: Zinco cream in UK?

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    Default Zinco cream in UK?


    Just wondering what people's experiences of Zinco cream is?

    How does it cope when you are sweating? I'll be going away to Thailand for a few months, so.. Someone told me on here before that it is not durable in that scenario.

    Also, is it possible to buy Zinco cream in the UK?

    I can't find it anywhere, and the price for shipping is 25$. Add that to the 30$ for the Zinco, that's 55$ for something I havn't tried before. I would have liked to buy the sample, but paying 3$ for that and 25$ for shipping seems a bit too steep for me.

    appreciate help

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    Is it Linda Sy zinco that you are talking about? That only has an spf of 20 and is not sweat proof. You will need to reapply. If you are going to thailand you may want something with a higher spf. I use vanicream spf 60 for sensitive skin and reapply as necessary when I am doing active outdoor stuff like running and cycling. I use the Linda Sy just for being outside casually for short periods of time where I will not be sweating much.

    Best wishes,

    PS I order both online and have never seen them in any drugstore.

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    is there anything that is durable other than zinco then?

    preferably something that will cover up red marks too?

    i have clinique almost-make up in mind, but i'm not sure, that's like a foundation right?


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