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Thread: Treating Facial Telangiectasia

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    all the experienced IPL/Laser patients here
    must really be card carrying members of "Fight Club"
    (except they ignore Rule #1)
    I loved that movie. Fantastic!

    Good luck on the veinwave GardenGirl!

    Best wishes,

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    Quote Originally Posted by man_from_mars View Post
    Veinwave makes so much more sense to me
    since it is applied directly to the vein
    and you hopefully should only end up with scabs
    This is my feeling too. I had a Veinwave treatment a number of years ago. Neccessarily, given the method, useless on diffuse redness, flushing etc( which was/is my problem(doh!) ), but perhaps very effective for visible broken vessels.

    Many moons ago the inventor pitched-up on a live daytime show (This Morning with R&J (ah! those were the days!)) and very readily eliminated a number of vessels on a rosacean's nose.

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    I've got the same problem on the cheeks
    no P&P's currently, but background redness with a few teles

    The derm who was going to do the IPL thankfully warned me
    that having IPL on the red cheeks "may" cause the cheeks to breakout more
    This is mainly because my face is still recovering from long-term steroid use

    Plan is to wait a few more months
    to see if the cheeks become less inflamed on their own
    and then try the veinwave on just the nose and the teles on the cheeks

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    Default US veinwave?

    From reading the posts, it seems as if there are some veinwave practitioners in the US? Does anyone know who they are? I'm located in NY and am having a really hard time treating telangiactisis under my nose. They are awful looking and have not been helped by vbeam. They also tingle and itch all of the time. Does anyone have that problem? Thanks. Alyssa

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    Default Crazy!

    Quote Originally Posted by man_from_mars View Post
    she only mentioned IPL ...didn't say exactly what
    though she did mention it cost $100,000 dollars

    I'll call them back tomorrow to see if I can get more details
    The phrase, "A fool and his money are soon parted comes to mind". That doc needs a psychiatrist if they think anyone would pay that.
    Good practitioners are worth traveling to. How did you eventually make out?

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