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Thread: Reduction in redness

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    Is your array all red or combo red/nir led's?


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    For many months I used two all red (660nm) arrays. The results were very good.

    I then used used two all nir (880nm) arrays. The results were even more impressive.

    (Currently, one of the 880nm arrays is not working. I should sort it but am too lazy. Gone back to using the all red units these last few months, although use is far less regular than it should be - I've noticed a slight deterioration in symptoms.)

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    I started with the lights about 6 inches away and now hold them about 2 inches. I have read postings of others, and it seems to be all over the board on the distance - some several inches and others put the lights right on the skin. I think it depends on the lights you use as well as how sensitive your skin is... I'd recommend starting cautiously and adapting from there. Yes, I have 2 of the 96 units (all red). They work great and are perfect to pack for my frequent travel... the only down side is that they have to be held. As I mentioned, I'll eventually get the goose neck type.

    Have you ordered anything yet? Good Luck

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