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Thread: Nase is ***** crazy

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    That was my question too. I mean don't we use laser light when we get IPL's or other forms of lasers w. specialits? If that is the case then some/a lot of us HAVE used both forms of lights successfully for treating rosacea (i.e. I myself have been able to control both flushing, and redness w. IPLs)...and clearly a lot of peeps have successfully used LLT's for treatment as well (hoping to join in soon)...which begs the questions..your question: what IS the purpose of this initial question?

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    Also, I thought I remembered reading an article here about the difference between the two forms of light and I just digged it up (not too hard when it is in a stickie ;op)

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    Hello Susectia

    Well spotted and it’s surprising how much information is available on here if people are prepared to take the time to look. I didn’t see the point of the question either but there you go.

    Looking back Nase got himself in a right old muddle over lasers and LLLT which you can read about on the link I supplied earlier. Nase was renowned for either copying other peoples work and claiming it was his own or taking information from the internet and altering it to suit himself. Unfortunately for him in the example mentioned where he was attacking LLLT and claiming to have evidence of the damage it could cause, he forgot to change the word “laser” and somebody else noticed it.

    So to answer the other question raised by Abraham I don't know the Nase story fully... did he lie about other things?”

    Yes he did continually. He was a compulsive liar and the evidence of this is all over the internet especially on his web site. Nothing new to all of us who have been around a while but important to any newcomers to take note of.

    So the Nase ban was fully justified, not a misunderstanding and certainly no laughing matter.



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    This thread is being locked as the title seemingly has nothing to do with the question(s) posed.

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