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Thread: Feedback for Elixa or DPL units? Thanks!

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    Default Feedback for Elixa or DPL units? Thanks!


    I had posted a while ago re: the thought of purchasing an LED system. Back then I opted for an IPL treatment because I was not ready for the plunge. I am getting another IPL treatment in August and am contemplating either a set of other IPL treatments or finally venturing into the LED realm. I have been reading up on the stickys and other posts to see what would be the best option for me. Because I have mild rosacea (recently some p&p's turned up) I wanted to go with an all red LED. I am not super handy so am not even going to venture to build my own so might have to go w. a ready built unit. Because I am a grad student the only two units within my range right now (other than individual lamps that would require me hold them) are the elixa or the DPL (I take from other posts that these are basically the same unit, am I wrong to think this?) My only concern is that both these units have infra-red light as well and I have read that this might not be an ideal option for a beginner. Any thought, suggestions, ideas? Have you guys had experience with either of these units who can share? People with particularly sensitive skin? Any feedback, suggestions, recs. are most welcomed. Thanks in advance.

    For reference, here are the units I am looking at. Also I already did a search for both names and while saw two posts that directly addressd the Elixa unit when I did a search for DPL I was told the search did not pan out any result. Hence, I thank in advance for answering this question if it is repetitive. I noticed that DPL also sells refurbuished, any experience with these units purchased refurbished? Thanks so much!

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    Hi Susecita,

    It is so hard to tell you if this is the right unit for you as it is such an individual response. Since you read all the stickies you probably realize this.

    I was unable to continue with my DPL unit since the small amount of heat that is emitted from it was a trigger for my flushing. Others feel the infrared was paramount to their relief and an invaluable part of their low level light therapy.

    If you flush to small amounts of heat you may do better with an all red unit but if that is not a trigger for you then this might be the right unit for you. It is mainly infrared and very little red light. Make sure you wear protective eyewear if this is the unit you choose and good luck!! Keep us posted.

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks for the response. Both these products seem to be pretty comparable so now it might just be an issue if I want to start out w. all red or infrared. Heat is a trigger for me but it's not like I cannot stand some of it. I am perfectly capable of doing work outs and such. My main concern right now is some lack of smoothness that erupted (p&p's that had never been there before) during my summer vacation in Puerto Rico.

    For starters I might try an all red if I find one within my price range. I just saw this advertised on ebay and wonder if anyone has heard of this company, or is familiar w. these. This sheet seems to be all red. Im concerned about ease of usage but it seems like one might be able to set this baby on a table and let it do the trick. I am tempted because at a 100 bucks it seems a better bet for someone just recently venturing into the LLT world. Thanks anyone for the feedback!

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