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Thread: acne light pens

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    Question acne light pens

    Has anyone tried acne light pens such as these? Do they do anything or are they a scam?



    LaRoche Posay Toleraine products
    Zinc, Selnenium, Omega 3&6, B complexes, Vit C, Cal/Mag, Probiotics, digestive enzymes
    Mirtazapine, Lyrica, Ibuprofen
    MetroGel .75% or Finacea occasionally
    Avoid sugar, alcohol, low gluten, low dairy

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    Hey i just joined to let you know about this product, i tried everything for my acne over the years, must have gone on 10 different drugs and tried laser therapy and also this zeno when it first came out, let me tell you that it made my acne more worse, it did help to cure it eventually but made them more red and sore and didnt help in the long run.

    I am on roaccutane now and been on it for a few weeks its getting worse as its supposed to but i can feel my face already clear up. Ive had friends on accutane and seen it works very well.

    Here is some more information on acne to read up on and treatments you can use

    Acne Information

    Acne is an inflammatory medical condition of the skin, which appears due to the changes in the pilosebaceous units which are skin structures made of a hair follicle and its sebaceous gland. Acne develops due to a blockage in the follicles. It usually appears in the adolescence affecting almost all of the teenagers, but it may continue in the adulthood. In most of the cases the disease begins to diminish in time and tends to disappear around the age of twenty. There is no information about the age when it totally disappears and some people may suffer from it till their forties. Until now, nobody knows why some people get Acne and others do not, but it is true that it's somehow hereditary. Here are some reasons for getting this inflammation:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelissaS View Post
    Has anyone tried acne light pens such as these? Do they do anything or are they a scam?



    I hated both, returned both and asked for my money back
    31 year old male from Puerto Rico
    Skin type: oily

    Clinique Mild Liquid Soap
    Clinique Instant Mineral Relief Powder
    Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15
    Metrogel 1%
    DERMAdoctor Acne Control Serum
    DERMAdoctor Born to be Mild for seb derm
    SOLODYN 65mg:
    Digestive Enzymes Veggie caps
    Probiotic 60 Billion
    Dry Vitamin E
    Vitamin D

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