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Thread: Yellow LED?

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    Default Yellow LED?

    After reading Dr. David Goldberg's article where he states that yellow light is good for treating blood vessels and red light is good for inflammation, i was wondering if anyone has tried yellow light or has added yellow lights to their red light arrays?
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    Default Anymore on Yellow Light for Edema/Lymph?

    This post caught my eye. I'm a new member and so like many, trying to figure out which LED to purchase. So far I've done 3 IPLs (1st and 2nd I had great improvement and the 3rd brought me back to square one -uuuuuuuuuuugh). I take Doxy 50mg and use metrogel. I've got the severe flushing and burning (heat, sun, stress and alcohol) and most recently swelling/edema of my eye lids cheeks and nose that comes and goes - I also have pretty severe ocular rosacea. I read a few threads about yellow light helping with Edema. I think it was Twickle Purple who mentioned it. Does anyone out there combine the two? Does the red light help with lymph / edema? If I'm missing some of these threads - I apologize feel free to redirect me.

    To all of you pioneers thank you, thank you. I can not tell you how much this site has helped me. Twickle Purple - did you ever get your site up and running for LED? Your story and research has been so helpful. I also feel like my symptoms are very similar to yours. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I just started back to work after being at home for 4 years with my kids. I'm a high school guidance counselor in a school with no AC - what was I thinking.


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