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    Hello, I am a newcomer to the forum but not to rosacea.

    In my case, I was diagnosed with blepharitis in 1992 and told to wash my lashline with LidCare and a Q-tip, which worked and has continued to do so.

    As for my skin, I was diagnosed with mild rosacea in 1996 and put on Metro Cream. This kept my skin relatively clear for the next 10 years, though not perfect. Then in 2006 I had three V-beam treatments for broken veins. Overnight my skin -- oddly -- stopped responding to the Metro Cream. The derm then put me on some sort of 'stronger' compound which was called Erythro-metronidazole. This worked just so-so, although better than the Metro Cream, which had stopped working altogether.

    The new stuff had to be kept in the fridge and had a 3-month shelf life, which made it a bit inconvenient; but I continued using it till April 2007.

    At that point, when my prescription ran out, I decided to try home remedies.

    Based on information I had received online, I concocted the following mix:
    - one drop of tea tree oil
    - a fingernail-sized blob of zinc (actually 40% zinc diaper-rash cream, but I think you can get plain zinc)
    - a slightly bigger blob of organic aloe vera

    I mixed these three ingredients into a goo in the palm of my hand, and applied it to the affected areas (forehead, nose, chin). After letting it dry on my face, I then applied Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion (the unscented stuff for sensitive skin).

    To my amazement, my skin quickly began to improve. Today it is clearer than it has been since I was first diagnosed. I am antibiotic-free.

    I'm not saying my remedy will work for everyone, but if, like me, you are experimenting with alternate treatments, it may be worth a try.

    I should note that my type of rosacea mostly involved broken veins and pimples, but very little flushing and redness.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Leanne,
    I'm also new to this forum. I haven't, as yet, been diagnosed with Rosacea but I am pretty convinced that I have it and that it is getting gradually worse.
    I have a similar type as you've described, small thread veins with some redness.
    I was just wondering, how does a lotion get rid of thread veins? I would have thought the only way to do this would be through laser or IPL.

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    Hi Adrian,
    Actually, in my third paragraph I had said "Then in 2006 I had three V-beam treatments for broken veins"... Maybe you missed that. V-beam is a type of laser. No lotion can clear up broken veins.

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