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    Default differin

    my derm prescribed it for me, anyone try it? how is it supposed to help?

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    Do you know why your doctor prescribed it? It can certainly help with the condition of the skin but it may irritate your rosacea. I would recommend doing a test patch for a few days.

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    Hi -

    Differin is a retinoid and usually is prescribed for acne and/or wrinkles. Depending how sensitive/thin your skin is you may be able to tolerate it a few nights a week. I've never tried Differin only Renova (.02%) but Renova is less irritating than most retinoids. I used to use it twice a week. How often did your Derm. say to use it? I agree with Sarah to do a small test patch on your skin one night and see how your skin reacts.

    Good luck.

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    Differin made my skin worse. I was using it for "acne" and it never seemed to work as I expected. I was doing something that I later knew was not right bc my derm never told me about it. I applied the Proactiv Night creme and the Differin on top, my skin feel nice, no burning nothing but later I knew that mixing both makes them useless. Anyway, I had to stop using it and change derms, that other one seems to have eye problems bc he never saw my persistent redness, only his nurse was worried. The last time I went he gave me Differin cream bc it is more "gentle" (I- was using the gel), I thought about using it on my ingrown hairs or acne on my lower cheeks, but I'm terrified bc my skin was never the same after a year of using Differin.
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    I went in to the dermatolagist for my rosacea also. I had some acne but did not care much about it at that time. I was prescribed doxycyline, finacea in the morning and differin at night. At first I used just the finacea and doxy and I saw a huge improvment in my skin, which looking back on it was worse than I thought lol.

    I was afraid to use the differin because of what I read about it causing more redness. Then my derm insisted I used the diffrerin. I did use it and it worked great for me. I think that it actully took my redness down a bit. It certinaly did not make my redness worse.

    As far as my acne goes it is now basically no existant because of the differin. You do need to give the diffren a little time to work tho. I took me about two months to see a diffrence, I had a minor breakout the first week too.

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    I have to agree with a positive review of differin. For acne, I found that differin was very effective and very mild. I have never used it on my butterfly area, but really only on my forehead where I have had a tendency to break out along my hairline. That said, it works extremely well, with no side effects that I can determine.

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    I have been using the 0,1% Differin cream that dr Chu prescribed, and have had no irritation at all. in fact i find it much more gentle than finacea.
    I apply a tiny amount at night, and initially i did break out in new pimples that i never have, but it seems to be having an otherwise positive effect on the texture of my skin.


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    thanks for the replies!

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