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Thread: seb derm sunscreen?

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    Question seb derm sunscreen?

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a sunscreen to wear that is good for seb derm? I just figured out that my main issue is seb derm, though I have been being treated for rosacea for the past 6 months. I am just starting to treat it properly, but am concerned about putting sunscreen on my already greasy shiny face. I heard that zinc is good for seb derm. Does anyone with seb derm use a sunscreen with zinc that they find helpful?

    I'm so glad this forum is here. I don't know where I would turn otherwise. My face is an itchy, swollen, greasy mess, and has been for 6 months, and noone in my life understands. They just say, "you look fine. It will go away." Meanwhile, I am depressed and misserable!

    Thanks for any help re the sunscreen. Alyssa

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    Default sunscreen


    Check out look for invisible zinc sunscreen you can get it as an ordinary sunscreen or as a tinted version I got the both but for ordinary day use as in you will be around a lot of people i totally recommend the tinted version.

    Good luck it worked a treat for me


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