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Thread: LLT and acne

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    Question LLT and acne

    Has anyone had the light make their acne worse? i have been doing the light for about a week, and I have noticed my acne really flaring up, but my redness is so improved i don't want to stop!!! Then I was wondering if it brings stuff to the surface, so maybe this is a positive thing??

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    Hi bear333, i have some bumps as well after using LLT for a week for 5-9 mins/day. I know it drys my skin and i have 2 moisturize extra. So am not sure whether LLT or extra moisturization is causing the bumps.

    I want 2 continue as well given the positive effects on my redness..any one has similar experience.



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    Yes, this happened to me too in the beginning. My p&p's did get aggravated by the light but then it did calm down. I think in the beginning the p&p's do get worse before they get better. But I do notice sometimes still that if I have some p&p's they can get aggravated by the light. Just not all the time so it's hard to say why.

    Also, it could be that the RLT is calming your face down so the p&p's stand out in contrast to before when your face was a bit redder and less calm. So in reality, maybe it is not making the p&p's worse but just making them look worse because your face is less red.

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