I have seb derm and slightly rosy cheeks,ive had this for 2 years. Recently i discovered the best method to keep my skin in good condition so far.

I cleanse with a cleanser from the swedish pharmacy ( in sweden the goverment has monopoly on all kinds of medication) they have a own skin care serie with a very good cleanser which i use. Unfortunatley they dont ship abroad...i dont know how people in other countries can get their hands on it...:/ .

This is what i do:
Every night i wash my face with the cleaner and then i use Loreal Pure and Matt afterwards. it works really well, sometimes i use protopic for some days to treat the seb derm.
I think you should try it , my face looks really good with this method. Loreal Pure and Matt takes care of the sebum together with the cleanser. I am pretty sure a mild cleanser would do the job just as well.

Hope this works for someone, it works for me and i wanted to share with you cause you never know! take care!