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Thread: Red light therapy working well

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    Default Red light therapy working well

    Hi all
    Just wanted to share that red light therapy is working for me. I have phymatous rosacea and mild/moderate flushing. Since I started, my skin feels nice and smooth and is less reactive. I went out without any makeup for the first time in years. It is helping my wrinkles, too. Just thought I'd share. I am very happy so far and it cost me $615..much cheaper than IPL. If anyone is interested check out the stickies on the Low Level Light Therapy board or ask me. I'll try to direct you to the right thread if you need help.

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    Me too - I think the key is to start out slooooow, like 5 minutes or less at one sitting. When I did 10-15 minutes, I got more flushy. With 4-5 minute sessions morning and night, I was less flushy within a few days. I saw a benefit a lot faster than I thought I would after reading the posts here, although the initial rate of improvement didn't last. Now I think I'm still making progress, but it's coming much more slowly.

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    Hello Queta & Driven

    That's good news from both of you and I always enjoy hearing people reporting the benefits they are getting from RLT. What I have always liked about this treatment is that it is natural, safe, drug free and after the initial cost you can treat yourself whenever you want in the comfort of your own home for free.

    My advice to people is take your time and don't rush into it because more isn't always better. Treat RLT as you would when trying a new topical for the first time and using a patch test to ensure that your skin does like it. Improvements can be very subtle but more noticeable after several months of use rather than just a few weeks.

    Hope you have continued success and good luck.


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