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Thread: Lysine supplement

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    Default Tired

    Hi y'all.This is my first post on this forum. After a rough divorce and lots of stress last year I developed this flaming rash and breakout. Dermatologist confirmed its rosacea. I've been on doxycycline and am now on using antibiotic cream. This is not helping much at all. I have heard of salycylic acid and probiotics helping. Has anyone tried these ? If so do they work. I plan on trying the lysin and vitamin c and zinc. I will post any results. I'm ready to try anything. Thanks

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    Default Perioral Dermatitis will do Lysine/C/Zinc regimine

    I am new here.

    Some history:

    I was incorrectly diagnosed with "redness" by a dermatologist in late March 2017. He prescribed a topical steroid which I used for 2.5 weeks and stopped because the redness was spreading and lower lip was burning like crazy. Went to another dermatologist on 5/3/17 who said, it was steroid induced Perioral dermatitis, and put me on 100mg Doxycyline 2x/day. I take each pill exactly 12 hours apart. Being new to this, I did a few things wrong. The rosacea keeps spreading and I am scared. First, I was using just straight petroleum jelly on it, as my usual carmex burned. Once I was diagnosed correctly, I have just been putting water on my face and then slathering it in vaseline. I try to wash it it each with regular handsoap. I used chapstick about a week ago and noticed how good it felt on the rosacea outside the lip line. The result was the rosacea spread. I was SO upset. I am still taking the Doxycycline every 12 hours. Tonight, went for a drive, the only liquid in the car was diet coke. Kept spreading that (it was wet so I figured it was okay) on my face, and then sealing in the moisture with vaseline. Got home to see that rosacea has spread. DESPITE being on doxy, it spread. Have no papules, but it is very irritated. I had a meltdown. I had noticed some fading of the red when keeping my face very moisturized with water and sealing it with vaseline. I am a teacher, so am sort of able to stay home most days, but I feel like a freak. I tried putting some Equate sunscreen that also has ceramides, but it turns mt face white. I wish it was clear, but it isn't so I cannot go in public with it on.

    Tonight: 5/17/17 at 3:30 am Eastern Time.

    I registered for this forum and read the Lysine thread. So, I will try it starting now. I had Lysine, and already take C and zinc. but will take them as suggested by others in this thread. I am starting now.

    Lysine: 3000 mg. (500 mg. tablets taken 1000 mg at time 3x/day)
    Vitamin C: 3000 mg. (500 mg. tablets taking 1000 mg at a time 3x/day)
    Zinc: 150 mg (50 mg. tablets taking 50 mg. 3x/day)

    Will report result daily.

    I have a dermatology appt. on Thursday, 5/18/17. I want to do the doxy AND Azeliac Acid (Finicea?) at the same time. I hope all this works. I will keep you updated.

    I am SO pissed and scared. I HATE this. I only go out after dark now.


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    Default Is this enough??

    I'm currently taking 1000 mg of vitamin C and 1000 mg of lysine daily. I've read where a lot on here take much higher doses than that, but I'm very cautious of what I put into my body and the bottles I have only recommend once daily. Is this enough to be able to tell a difference? I suffer mostly from broken capillaries. Just wondering if it really is safe to up the dosage or if maybe it will just take longer to see results taking the dosage that I currently am. This is an older forum, so hopefully someone sees it so I can get feedback.


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    Default Reply :)

    Quote Originally Posted by mrsmoof View Post
    DO you take the Vitamin C at the same time you take the Lysine? I know you should take Lysine between meals but I thought Vitamin C you need to take with a meal.
    The bottle I have says to take Vitamin C on an empty stomach. I always do this and have no problems. I actually prefer taking the Vitamin C right when I get up in the morning and then taking lysine with breakfast. So far, no side effects and I follow this regimene daily. Hope this helps!

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