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Thread: Is this ocular rosacea?

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    Default Is this ocular rosacea?

    Well, I have something going on with my eyes. I'm not sure if it's ocular rosacea or something completely unrealted.

    For a while now, even though I sleep really well, I've had a fluidy feeling round my eyes. If I close them, it feels fluidy between the top of my eye lid and my eye socket. Also, I have a very puffy feeling underneath and a dry feeling inside. It feels like the back of my eyeballs are bruised. Sometimes I have to close them tightly.

    I get headaches with this, right through my eyes and to my temples. Are these migranes? I don't even know if I've had one. I know it's common to have blurred vision with them, but I've never experienced that. I can put up with being in the light, but I don't like it when I feel this way. Also, my head feels very heavy and tired.

    I'm beginning a dose of antibiotics today for my rosacea. The doctor said my eyes seemed fine but they could be related.

    I'm confused.
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