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Thread: Is this perhaps ocular rosacea?

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    Default Is this perhaps ocular rosacea?

    Rosacea is not my main concern - my flushing is.
    However, I have the last week started experiencing dry and sore eyes.
    I have a stinging sensation which won't really go away.
    What is the likeliness that this has something to do with ocular rosacea??

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    And if so, what medications could I use for this?

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    Hi Mr Tomato,

    I've had similar problems for the past 3 years, and I assume it's related to my rosacea. But dry, sore eyes can have many causes, from allergies - pretty common at this time of year - to overuse of computers, air-conditioned environments etc. I'm not an expert on eye issues, but I'd probably start by trying some gentle, preservative-free eyedrops to see if they help. Artificial tears help some people, and I was prescribed them when I first started having eye problems. If you get itching/watering as well, it may be worth considering allergy eyedrops like sodium cromoglicate. If you're using the computer a lot, remember to keep looking away and blinking a few times - very important, according to my optician. I'd make an appointment to see my GP if I were you, just to check there's no infection/serious inflammation. Or have an eye check with an optician - I personally find mine much more useful on all eye issues than any GPs I've seen, but I suppose that depends on the individual.

    Best wishes,

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