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    Hi--Just thought I'd share that I am very thankful for this forum and the opportunity to learn about your experiences with this complicated condition. The past six months or so has been a big big struggle for me. I always try and look at the bright side of the situation...and I think that while rosacea has made me less attractive and right now less confident, it has made me more compassionate and will make me a better in my job. I am in physician asisstant (PA) school--in my first year. While I've had skin problems (dx as acne vulgaris but perhaps rosacea the whole time) for the past 10 years (I'm 30), the past six months have been especially difficult and has been steering me towards most practicing in dermatology. That way I have the added benefit of when I'm doing research, I feel like I'm not only doing it for myself!! Or the other way around...

    One thing that I struggle with a lot is that I have taken five courses of accutane for acne vulgaris (presumably). I worry a lot about what I have done to my body. I don't currently have any problems (well, other than my skin!!). There just aren't studies on women who have taken five full courses of accutane, so I really have no way of knowing what I have done to myself. One thing ---If anyone has taken three courses or more and has had children afterwards, I'd be interested to know.

    Another thing I struggle with is just what I have done to my skin through treating the acne...if I ever even had it. I went in for Accutane course #6, and the dr. would not prescribe it and instead offered Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) with Aminolevulonic Acid (Levulon). I had 7 treatments, alternating with microdermabrasion and chemical peels. This is when my skin was so so incredibly inflamed....and now knowing now what I know about rosacea skin, it makes me want to vomit thinking about what I did to myself.

    I went to a differnent dermatologist after that one who did a biopsy and diagnosed the rosacea. I have yet to return to the former derm and let her know that I had been misdiagnosed. I am planning on doing that next week.

    Another thing that makes me feel bad is that my dad has rosacea--and I just thought he had a red face because he is an alcoholic. If I had been better informed, I wouldn't have thought that and would've been better able to help myself. But--like I said--on the bright side of the situation, I realize how important taking a history of the patient, asking for a family history, asking lots of questions, considering differnential diagnoses-- and this will all make me a better health care provider.
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    Hello and welcome~

    What a great attitide you have and the medical community will be lucky to have someone who understands what rosacea patients go through.

    You'll find lots of helpful information and compassionate people here.

    Take Care,

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