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Thread: Oh my...proactiv is working.

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    Proactiv is why I'm on this forum

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    Default rosacea and proactiv

    i've had rosacea for 4 years now, it started as a few small spots on each cheek, i kept drinking vodka and it spread everywhere after 2 years. i bought prosacea and it only keeps the flare-ups from being as bad, it tries to go away but never does. i gave up on it finally cause of the $10 every 2 wks. i finally tried proactiv and it's been exactly 15 days and it cleared up 80 or 85%. from the 3rd the small acne stopeed appearing, i didn't touch my face at all - the red areas didn't go away until yesterday, some are there, but they're way smaller and very light. i still drink beer but its the only thing that worked - and money wise $25 every 3 months is better than $20/month prosacea (which has sulfer in it which is in the mask thing anyways) - dont buy all the extra stuff unless you're a girl (oh, i am not)... just thought i'd share cause reading the top girls' story is what made me try it. i don't like the recurring payments though; but my face literally looks almost clear (who knows it may work all the way?) - and i feel better about myself in about 3.5 years.

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    Default hi spac

    What Proactiv product are you actually using for your rosacea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda View Post
    I was desperate to get rid of my P&Ps so I decided to give it a whirl. My skin is so smooth. No bumpies anymore. I can't use the benzoyl peroxide everyday or I get too dry so I use it every other day. I use proactiv's sunscreen moisturizer and glycolic acid toner twice a day and the sulfur mask once a skin looks great. I'm still red in the butterfly zone, but at least now I can apply foundation to hide it without all the bumps underneath.

    Because I have less bumps my face looks less red too.

    I can't believe it. I've been terrified to use proactiv because you hear such bad things about it, but it's actually working. I can use the facial cleanser that has a grit to it and not be flushed and beet red afterwards. Yet, I turn red after using something like dove.

    Just thought I'd share....
    It's the only thing that keeps me acne free but I can't use it anymore because my face hurts a lot like someone hit me with a bat or something and it gets really red too in the butterfly zone too
    31 year old male from Puerto Rico
    Skin type: oily

    Clinique Mild Liquid Soap
    Clinique Instant Mineral Relief Powder
    Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15
    Metrogel 1%
    DERMAdoctor Acne Control Serum
    DERMAdoctor Born to be Mild for seb derm
    SOLODYN 65mg:
    Digestive Enzymes Veggie caps
    Probiotic 60 Billion
    Dry Vitamin E
    Vitamin D

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