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Thread: What do you consider a flush?

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    Default What do you consider a flush?


    I would be interested to find out what people generally consider flushing?

    For those of you who have some permanent redness on their face...when you get a little hot lets say (warm environment, eat something warm, etc) and your face gets just a little more red and warm you consider that a flush? a flush where you feel lots of blood rush in and your flush zones turn really red and can last for a long time?

    I would consider the second example as flushing for me...what about you guys?

    Or is it the same?

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    I do have permanent redness but not extreme.
    I flush very easily, but I do not call all added redness "flushing".
    So I wouldn't call a little extra redness flushing, just the bad cases.
    Bad is: nearly purple cheeks, red chin and red forehead.
    Not so bad is: a little more redness on my cheeks.

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    For me, one of the most important characteristics of a flush is it uncontrolled and snowballing nature. This isn't essentially related to any particular level of redness.

    When its not a 'flush', I can get red due to heat or something else, but still feel in control - say, I know that if I get a bit of cool air, it will calm down. Flushes, though, are typically accompanied by the thought, "oh ^%)*, what's going on?".


    A second case is my daily flushes, due (I think) to the fluctuations of bodily rhythms. These occur at the same time every day, and last for a number of hours. I'd call them "flushes". Again, they're uncontrolled.

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    A flush for me is an uncontrollable moment where I experience pretty bad stinging and burning followed shortly after with blotchy red skin. It can sometimes be more like an allergic reaction. Afterwards my skin retaurns to looking "normal", which is persistent redness.

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    A flush is when my face gets warm and becomes red and then starts burning. A flush is sadly unmistakeable when you are having one.

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    When my face burns, and when i can feel my blood vessels on my face kind of like bouncing out, I would call it a flush. When this happens, I would hardly look in the mirror, because I look like a monster when i flush, and i just dont like seeing myself like that..

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