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    Default Hello Australia!


    I am originally from the UK and emigrated to Australia in March 2007.

    I think my rosacea was triggered by taking roaccutane for my acne. I have pale skin, light hair and light coloured eyes and a red face!

    My rosacea semed to be worse in the UK due to the cold and everyone blasting their heating to the max was a real killer!

    As a new migrant to Australia, I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on products over here for rosacea, especially a good suncream that does not aggrevate rosacea.


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    A belated welcome to Australia.
    I too am from the UK originally, however I emigrated to NZ and only came to Australia for IPL treatment.

    I am sorry I can't advise what to use on your skin. Personally I can't find anything which suits me at the moment as since Xmas, I have spiralled down into the pits of Rosacea hell. Despite more IPL treatments.

    Most rosaceans seem to favour a sunblock with a zinc base. I know many of them use one which they buy from the USA. I think it is called Zinco, by Dr Sy.

    Some shops and pharmacies here are quite good at giving small samples for customers to take home and try.

    For a long time now I have been using a Titanium based Sunblock. Well I say it is a sunblock, but it does have a small amount of chemical in it as well.
    I find this quite soothing for my skin and as an added bonus it provides a very light, opaque veil, which tones down the redness a bit.
    Unfortunately, as far as I know, this can only be purchased in NZ. My mother sends it to me.
    The company is Dermatech, if you wanted to make enquiries.

    By the way, which city are you located in?
    I recently flew to Melbourne for a consultation and IPL treatment with someone there. The temperatures were so cold, I thought I was back in the UK! Bitterly cold and the wind burn I got, negated any benefits I might have had from treatment. Alas.

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