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Thread: rosacea and melasma advice needed

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    Default rosacea and melasma advice needed

    hello everyone-
    was wondering if anyone else here using RLT also has melasma. i wanted to try RLT and i was nervous that maybe the light can further darken the melasma (which is a darkened patch of skin possibly hormonal in origin) i have above my lip. i know that RLT is not sunlight but yet i wanted to hear from anyone who might know or take a guess on these matters. that is the only thing stopping me. any advice? thank you much......lin

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    I really have no idea. Would it be practical to put on a sunblock over this area to reduce the risk of it happening. Red light is a very specific wavelength and so it should not have UVA/B in it but it is visible light.

    In all of these treatments the effects are gradual and a strict avoidance of sunlight is required. The use of broad-spectrum sunscreens with physical blockers, such as titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide is preferred over that with only chemical blockers. This is because UV-A, UV-B and visible lights are all capable of stimulating pigment production.

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    I've used RLT for at least four or five years now. I have some melasma along my hairline on my forehead. I have never detected any further darkening of those spots due to the light therapy. For me, exposure to the sun seems to be the one factor that will make it more noticeable.

    FYI, I heard years ago that lotions containing MSM work wonders with melasma. I did indeed try one, and the spots diminished greatly, but my Rosacea didn't like it. Just a thought in case you ever want to spot-test it in that area above your lip.

    Good Luck,


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