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    Sorry, newbie here. I had what appeared to be pretty classic rebound rosacea after coming off my corticosteroid inhaler cold turkey Won't do that again! Anyway, after reading some stuff on here and changing my routine and taking some antihistamines and waiting out, it seems to be calming down. But now the skin on my cheeks has turned all flaky. I also have a flaky patch on my forhead and a tiny little scaly patch on the side of one of my nostrils. Could this be seb derm? Is seb derm also linked to steroid use? I should mention that I had pretty bad seb derm on my scalp after switching to this particular inhaler in the winter, but this stuff on my face doesn't look quite the same. The stuff on my cheeks seems to slightly respond to moisturizing but the weird patch on my forehead and nose don't.

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    I wouldn't want to attempt a diagnosis, I would recommend that you go back to your doctors.

    Having said that stopping steroid creams can cause rebound seb derm flairs, but I have no idea whether this is the case for inhalers.

    I think the nose and the forehead are probably the hardest to treat as they tend to be greasier.

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