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Thread: "Problem" with private messages

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    Default "Problem" with private messages

    Just a little comment on the PM function.

    It seems like some people are unaware of the little info regarding PM in the top right of your screen. Would it be problematic to implement a function which makes you aware when a new message has arrived? Like a popup window or something saying "you got a new PM".

    The reason I'm addressing this is beacuse people have sent me questions which I have answerd, but not heard anything back. I think the reason is that they have not checked their inbox..



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    I get a pop up box when a new message arrives. I think you have to change your settings though to allow this. I can ask Warren if perhaps this could be the default setting if you would like.

    Ps you can ask for a read receipt if you want to track a message to see if it has been read.

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    Under the USER CP function you may change your settings so that you are sent an e-mail notification every time you receive a private message.

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    And you can also opt for that option to receive a pop up notification message every time you receive a PM. That choice is also in the User CP function.

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