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Thread: Lumenis One in Melbourne

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    Default Lumenis One in Melbourne

    This question is probably directed more so to Australian Rosaceans.
    Has anyone been treated at 'The Toorak Cosmetic Surgery Centre' in Melbourne?
    On the rosacea IPL treatment comment page, there is a listing for this clinic, where someone had IPL performed by Christopher, a technician.
    Unfortunately the link to the complete report is no longer available.
    The clinic has a Lumenis one and so far I have been unable to locate such a machine which is in a medical clinic, staffed by doctors.
    Of course, the presence of doctors does not necessarily mean any of the staff have good experience with treating rosacea.
    I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has personally been treated there, or who knows of someone else who has been treated and what their experiences and results were.

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    As nobody has replied you may like to ask this question on the rosacea support forum as there are a few aussies there.

    You may also like to have a look here as they have reviews of different places and procedures

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