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Thread: Need Good Derm in or Around Austin, TX

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    Default Need Good Derm in or Around Austin, TX

    I have tried the photofacial treatments a while back. Took Oracea for a while. My ball of my nose is getting really red and bad all the time- painful even. I need a dermatologist who has had great results treating rosacea in the Austin, Texas, USA area. Anyone??

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    Default Derm in Austin, TX

    I saw Dr. Michael Coverman in Austin, TX. I saw him for acne vulgaris, rosacea wasn't as apparent and wasn't diagnosed yet. I don't know about his experience with rosacea. He is a little cocky and abrupt personality wise. But in terms of his practice, he has lasers in his office, etc and isn't completely old school. So, in other words I can't totally 100%reccommend him but can say he is better than many. If I lived in Austin again, I'd consider going back to him.
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