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    Hi Friends,

    Haven't posted in a while, things were going well for me with. I had some minor redness on my nose and went to a local high profile derm and had the Gemini laser done over my face with the KTP pass and then the YAG. Things seemed good for the first week or two and now all heck has broken loooose!

    I got really sick with the Flu and had constant fever. My face is a COMPLETE mess nose is bright red and there are way more visible veins along with dryness on the checks and just an ugly complexion. I have been trying to determine if the break out (which I've never had like this) was due to me being sick OR is this a late reaction to the laser. Meaning after the skin calmed down from the first week or so it's all showing up in the surface.

    Is there a change that this will pass and things will return to normal? It's funny cause only on the areas I had laser is it terrible but again I dont know if I should attribute it to being sick.

    I called the derm and am going back to see them on Monday because I'm frustrated and want them to look at it.

    Any feedback would be great!


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    It could be abit of both-lasers can really make your skin look really crap for quite a while afterwards (it can look okay for the first few days) but it will usually settle in the end just after all hope has faded.

    If you have a fever and a cold this can also make your skin look like crap.

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    3 different lasers at the same time over the same treatment area? is that correct?

    Never knew they did that!

    Just curious about that...I have never had any of those types of lasers....but I would guess if you see an increase in visible bloodvessels + redness then it would be angiogensis related to post laser recovery...just guessing I am no authority!

    Good you are going back to show the doc and get his opinion.
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