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Thread: purpura and camouflage makeup

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    Default purpura and camouflage makeup

    After 15 years of rosacea/KPRF ruining my life, I want to have a few vbeam treatments, but am worried about the lingering bruising, since I can't take many days off work. I wanted to know what people have used to cover up (if anything at all) the bruises in order to go back to work and not draw attention to yourself. I guess the first few days you shouldn't put anything on which is fine, but not all of us can stay housebound for a whole week or more.

    really appreciate the input.

    BTW...I am a guy.


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    If you are going to get purpuric VBeam I would just leave the bruises as I think trying to cover them might make them look worse. If you are going for subpurpuric treatment you could try covering the red areas with dermablend camouflage makeup. Moisturize well first and then wait a minute or two and then apply. You are supposed to set it with powder.

    I use dermablend cover creme in pale ivory. I layer it on little by little so I can use the minimum to cover what I want covered.

    Best wishes,

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    I would not recommend a coverup with the bruises. They are not like traditional flat bruising but rather slightly raised crusty dots that should not be rubbed or fussed with.

    If you are going to have it done then you need to be prepared to go au natural for the first week or so. I would be surprised if anything but the heaviest of duty camouflage creams did the job anyway.

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