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Thread: My 1st VBeam...with some purpuric

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    Quote Originally Posted by supergiovi22 View Post
    my name's Giovanni and i'm Italian. I'm sorry for my english it's very very bad.
    I had 3 V-Beam Cand*la Perfecta:
    My settings were:
    1) 1,5ms 12Joule
    2)1,5ms 10Joule
    3)0,45ms 9Joule (28/04/2008) i'have purpura now but no like the first treatments.
    I had 2 V-beam without purpura too and I think no good. Purpura is very important for improvment.
    My left cheek is almost ok, right cheek is more resistent but i think v-beam is very good for redness,flushing,etc. I think I'll have 1 V-beam no more.
    Good luck and sorry for my english

    PS:someone speaks italian or spanish can write me.
    Settings seem to be a little unusual to me. Did you get your broken vessels zapped?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bindi View Post

    Benvenuti al Foro! Il suo inglese mi sembra molto buono - non ci sono problemi. E' meglio di questo italiano, no? (Ho pensato che gli italiani non avevano questo problema di rosacea... purtroppo ho sbagliato...)

    I hope the VBeam works out great for you!

    Hi Bindi,
    there are italians with rosacea and from spain,france,greece...
    you 're italian is very very good.

    Hi melissa,
    i'm very happy for v-beam because my redness and flushing are reduced and left cheek is very very good (from1 to 10: 8,5).

    Hi francois,
    low pulse duration are more strong than high pulse duration. High pulse duration are good for big vessels and low for little vessels. I had 2 v-beam with 20ms and 7 ms (less or more) but i had not purpura. I haven't broken vessels but redness and flushing.
    When I go to my doctor i say: " Doc, "kill" my face" and he reduce pulse duration and fluence are 9, 10, 11 joule (he is for "peace" and I for "war"). When i did my fisrt treatments my face is full of purpura, i didn't look a picture like mine here.
    Do you think high pulse duration are best?

    Ciao amici.

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    for those who had vbeam laser or any laser treatment for acne or acne scars, where did you guys get the treatment from?? any one of you recommend any place to go to in boston or places that's not to far away from boston?


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    Audrey you may like to post your question in the North America section

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    Okay It's been awhile folks so I dug up my original thread to post about my 2nd Vbeam today.

    Finally was able to get it done (Son's graduation was Sunday so I could finally do it)....I looked at my 1st tx settings....they were 10mm (spot sz), 6ms (delay between pulses), Energy (I can't remember right now) I think it was 9J....and the number of zaps...pulses 709.

    We didn't change anything for my second tx except I didn't have her do the second pass with the more intense settings....last time she did 53 additional zaps that caused about 15 we just did a double pass with the original settings.

    For me the BIGGEST problem is the intense burning/pain, stinging and I am highly reactive to most anything.....after 1st Vbeam this was just about unbearable.....if you look back at my posts I was really messed up for 14days post tx due to the burning....that 1st tx felt like I was burnt right down into my bone marrow!

    Today (even though the settings were the same) I don't feel that way at all....just a tiny bit of tightness and very mild stinging right now with swelling...I swelled right after tx as I am very reactive so I may swell more as the day goes on.

    I am BEET red......just like last time...but I know it will fade and hopefully this time I will see more improvement in my worst symptom (burning) and of course reduction in overall redness/inflammation.

    Just wanted to share...oh, one more thing I only got 4 tiny bruises on my right cheek....strange how those original settings didn't give me bruises last time but this time I got a couple. I was thinking I would have none since we didn't do the second pass w/o changing the settings. My skin is soooo strange

    I am feeling very postive about my post recovery this tiime.....I think it went well.
    Dx 1998

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    Hey lookout,

    Thank you for posting your 2nd VBeam experience. I agree following treatment, the face can be red and uncomfortable. I haven't had VBeam, but IPL's. I'm curious about the VBeam - do you see some slight results? I have pinkness and blotchiness, but no stinging or burning. I am looking into getting a few IPL's or possibly the VBeam. I saw your posts about the antibiotics, have you tried taking them with food or even later in the day, like with Dinner? When I was on Minocycline years ago, I too have some vertigo, and my Derm. said to take it with Dinner so that it would absorb with food and any slight dizziness I may have I'd be asleep later on. My veritgo was mild anyways, so doing this worked for me. For Oracea, I know it says to take with water and without food, but my Derm. said you can take it with a small meal (not mild) if it upsets your stomach. Some options if you haven't tried already.

    Keep yourself comfortable the next few days. Thanks for keeping us up-to date. Take care and talk soon.


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