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Thread: TCM understanding of rosacea: the LIVER

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    Default TCM understanding of rosacea: the LIVER

    Hm .. My accupunturist did not mention the liver but only digestion.

    Maybe that is why it did not work .. Anyone had accupuncture that worked, where the
    accunpuntist targeted the liver mainly and digestion secondary?

    Acne Rosacea

    Like Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) also sees acne rosacea or rosacea as a skin problem, but understands that the root of this condition goes deeper. TCM views rosacea as a condition related to Lung and Liver function disorder. The important balance between these two organ systems has been disrupted. Each organ itself is out of balance; in addition, they are not functioning together in harmony. This is the root cause of rosacea that needs to be addressed. Generally, it is the Liver function disorder causes the Lung function disorder. In traditional Chinese medicine all skin problems are related to the Lung as well as its partner organ the Large Intestine (see the Five-Element Theory chart [PDF] to understand this relationship).

    In TCM theory, the Liver also has a close energy relationship with the Stomach—it "controls" the Stomach. This means that when Stomach energy or Qi is in a state of excess, the Liver's job is to bring it back into balance. A red nose is a clear signal that there is excess Stomach Qi and it has stagnated, in turn causing a lot of heat to build up. This heat is then reflected on the face and the nose in particular. People who suffer from this type of acne rosacea might first experience bad breath, heartburn and constipation. Women may experience a menstrual cycle disorder preceding the condition. These are all early warning signs of a Liver function disorder. Stress, anger, or some kind of emotional disorder has impacted the way the Liver works and now prevents Liver energy from flowing freely.

    In the West, acne rosacea is often difficult to treat because it's viewed mainly as a skin problem to be treated symptomatically. From the TCM perspective, good results come from treating the root cause of this condition. The red and blotchy skin of acne rosacea is a signal of deeper imbalances that must be addressed for true healing to occur.

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    My naturopath mentioned this to me. I told him that I noticed I was flushing a lot more lately, etc, he calls it "Liver Heat" (as it is known in Chinese Medicine) and put a couple acupuncture needles in me and tested me to see what resonated with the current state of my liver.

    I'm now on drops (two kinds, both twice a day) for the next 6-8 weeks to balance out my liver. It's been 10 days so far. Last week my flushing seemed calmer, but this past weekend and this week it seems worse. I'm skeptical, but seeing it through.

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