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Thread: Looking for Information about Laserscope Gemini settings

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    Default Looking for Information about Laserscope Gemini settings


    Back in 2005 I had 5 ipl treatments with the Quantum using a 560 filter and they really made a massive difference to me.

    Since then I have just been very careful and was able to use mineral make up, however recently my skin became hyper sensitive again and I was beginning to flush more frequently and deeply, so decided I should get another ipl. My previous treatments were done in Belfast which involved a lot of travel and expense. There are now many places offering ipl treatments, so after some investigation and a consultation that was scary because of the persons lack of knowledge, I found a GP who has a Laserscope Gemini which has the KTP532 and 1064 yag, that I was happy with and booked in for a treatment. He used the KTP532 and spot treated visable vessels first (tho I don't have many of them because of my earlier ipl), then treated the whole face using painting method. My face was a bit red after and the next day there was very, very slight swelling, in fact so slight my husband didn't notice (previously with ipl I had a lot of swelling). That was just over a week ago and my skin is settling down fine, tho can't tell if it did any good yet. I was mainly wanting to treat the flushing and sensitivity.

    After reading some posts here about this machine it would seem that some are being treated with both the KTP532 and 1064 at the same time. The energy level he used was 7 or 8. Would it be better to get treated with both and what energy levels should be used. I know the KTP532 is different from ipl, how does it work.

    Would be grateful for any advice/information, many thanks.

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