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    Things seem to be getting clearer and clearer as I progress through my Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments (acupuncture + herbal therapy). Every time i go in for a treatment my TCM doctor asks me how I feel and whether my body is feeling hot. This morning, i did feel a little hotter (ha ha not talking about looks wise) and every time i give this response the doctor asks me what I've eaten. I told her that I went out with some friends and ended up having a late night beef donair (shwarma or gyros for some of you). She said that's why i am feeling hot and that's when the rosacea gets worse. She explained that beef, lamb and wild game like deer are heat causing. She explained that these meats will cause the body to become more acidic and when the body becomes acidic then it is a toxic environment where we start to see symptoms of this acidity. Sound familiar?

    A little background. My rosacea symptoms first started to appear about 5 years ago when i was 30. All i got at the beginning were what i thought were hives. I thought these were from food allergies cuz i didn't know what was going on. Then the progression started, which i don't have to explain to people here.

    Up until about 3 years ago, it was just my face that was out of whack. I didn't have any other physical problems until then. That's when my doctor put me on minocycline and then the problems seem to really escalate now that I look back on things. Up until when i was 32, i sweated very little and my body felt normal. Over the last few years, my body started to feel hot most of the time and I'd start to sweat with very little physical exertion. Every year it got worse up until this year when things got really unbearable. The trunk of my body would get really hot all the time but my extremities would be cold (especially in the winter). My doctor said that this is due to a yang imbalance where my metabolic heat is too hot. I think that means that some of the organs like the kidneys and liver are giving off too much heat because of the acidic or toxic environment. Thankfully treatments have helped tremendously. Interesting that I've hardly had any beef over the last 4 months, but every time i do, my body feels like a furnace and my rosacea flares up. The acupuncture seems to increase circulation in the extremities.

    After 6 months of minocycline, i think that the good bacteria in my gut had been wiped out and i had a whole host of digestive issues. I think that after these digestive issues came about, that's when my body fell way behind and it was a vicious spiral downwards. Again, I'm sure the issues sound familiar. Gut aches and indigestion. As these things progressed, I had more trouble sleeping at night and I was even shedding hair on my head very rapidly. My tcm doctor did say that there were imbalances in my digestive system due to the antibiotic use.

    Putting it together (this is me thinking out loud), does our rosacea develop due to diets that make our bodies more acidic. Years and years of things like red meat consumption and us being more sensitive to these acidity raising foods? Things like antibiotic use providing temporary help because of it's anti-inflammatory properties but causing long term harm where digestive imbalances eventually lead to less nutrition uptake by the body. In turn leading to a more acidic enviro, where the liver and kidneys are overtaxed and the symptoms get worse and worse?

    When i started my treatments 4 months ago, things started to get better in the opposite order of things getting worse. First, my indigestion went away. Then it seemed like my digestion got a whole lot better. Don't hardly ever get gut aches anymore. I'm sleeping way way better. Hair stopped falling out and actually started growing back (mind you that I don't have a family history of hair loss). Finally the rosacea is, i'd say, 95% better. I don't even get that burning, flare up feeling when i go and workout anymore. I also don't get that burning feeling on my face when i put moisturizer on my face.

    I feel so fortunate to have found a great tcm doctor. I know that there will be a lot of skeptics out there and i'm sure some of the skepticism is well founded because of shady acupuncture practitioners. All i know is how much it's helped me and i am very grateful i stumbled across these treatments. My rosacea wasn't close to as bad as some on here, so i'm sure my recovery was much more rapid that what some people will see.

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    Thanks for the update on how you are doing. I am very happy that the TCM is working for you -- this is great news! I am interested in TCM and your story is encouraging. I hope that you continue this path to wellness and the rosacea, gut and heat symptoms eventually become a distant memory.

    Best wishes,

    Happiness is a choice.

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    I had TCM accupuncture but not herbal stuff, once a week for a month and it had absolutely no
    effect on my skin. Since the cost was running up and I did not see it helping I stopped. He also
    told me not to eat lamb meat etc. and it was because of excessive heat in the stomach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pca_ View Post
    I had TCM accupuncture but not herbal stuff, once a week for a month and it had absolutely no
    effect on my skin. Since the cost was running up and I did not see it helping I stopped. He also
    told me not to eat lamb meat etc. and it was because of excessive heat in the stomach.
    Yes, as some of you know I am also doing acupuncuture. I decided to give it two more weeks, because unfortunately.. After these 2 weeks that have passed I have seen absolutely no improvement at all. Very dissapointed. I have the name of an ayurvedist and I will consider maybe mixing the two.. Agh..

    Eastwest how long was it until you saw improvement??? My accupunturist was certain by 10-15 I would see some, and I have not.


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