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    what do you guys think should be the waiting time to have laser treatment after finishing accutane?my derm says it is 2 months and i i also spoke to a clinic who said that as long as i have had no reaction to normal sunlight eg sunburn, while on accutane i could have had treatment while i was still on accutane.


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    They are right, depends on the laser. Lasers used to treat rosacea or IPL systems are in the cathegory 'non-ablative' that is they don't ablate the epidermis so they should be fine with accutane.

    Invasive laser peels like CO2 laser may not be fine because they remove epidermis and trigger wound healing mechanisms on which accutane supposedly has negative influence. The wound delaying and keloid scarring effect of accutane is actually a controversial subject, some studies showed the opposite but you don't want to be the proof it's true. I may well be just another part of the negative publicity against accutane which, from my personal experience with the drug, I simply find hysterical and unfounded.

    People into all kinds of cospiracy theories would say that the negative publicity against accutane is actually orchestrated by the medical community not wanting their patients resolve acne since that would mean lower income for derms. Just an idea .... lol

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    thanks for the reply wanted to see what others thought.

    I have found a clinic near me that uses photoderm(some type of ipl?) so i may go and see them. Anyone had any expereince of this laser?

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    All the advice that I have read was at least three to six months.

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