As the title implies i have developed some pretty bad post accutane flushing that has left me with significant redness. I generally flush at least once a day and is beginning to make me pretty depressed. The pic i have (will) posted is of me on a bad day (for general redness) with a mild flush going on. As you can see my nose is flushed, but at many other times my cheeks and ears also start to get much redder. As always seems to be the case, the camera flash and forgiving lighting of my house do a good job of hiding my redness. At work under fluorescent lighting i look truely awful.

It has now been nearly 8 months since i finished my course and nothing has really changed. Unsurprisingly my derm claimed that he had never heard about any permanent flushing problems post tane, and wasnt even quite prepared to dx rosacea. He actually diagnosed it as rosacea like symptoms. Back in october i asked my derm about IPL and he said that he wasn't willing to touch me for at least another 3 months.

Basicly i would like some advice about what to do to help my situation. In the short term, are there any topicals out there that are actually likely to help me? I tried finacea on my forehead but all it did was irritate my skin and bring back my acne. In the longer term, are there any people out there who were in a similar situation who have successfully been helped by IPL.

I know that a derm would be a logical choice to talk to, but i get the impression that they all seem a bit to eager to help (and make a lot of money in the process). Im from the UK and my current derms website is

....(wont let me post web links??!)

If anyone has any experience with him then that would also be great. He is understanding, my only issue is that firstly he is rather expensive (not ness a bad thing), and that doesnt have vbeam (i have heard vbeam is better????)

I really need this to improve as at the moment everyday is a real struggle. Thanks for reading.