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    My nose is constantly red and i can't understand why. Cold seems to be the worst trigger for me, when i go outside my nose goes completely red and even sometimes a purple colour. I try keep covered up and avoid the cold at all costs. But the last few days my nose has fluctuated and at times it's bright red when i have been indoors all day.
    This is weird becasue i wouldn't call this a flush because it doesn't feel hot or warm and doesnt have the same sensation as flushing, it is quite the opposite as my nose feels alot colder than other parts of my face. Sometimes my nose will flush feel hot and go red like a typical flush, but it is not anything like this at the moment.
    My house is a little cold as it's winter but not really that cold, and i cant understand what the hell it is.I cant understand it as it comes at a time when my facial rosacea is in remission and is barely visible. I have been thinking it is raynauds due to the coldness, plus i have bad circulation in my hands. Also something which i dont no if it is connected i always seem to have a runny, blocked nose.
    I am finally going to see doctor this week but i arent really optimistic about the visit.
    I just want to no if anyone has had similair symptoms and could help me out as im quite desperate now.

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    I have the same thing...or something similar, at least.

    My flat is a very cold place (heating bills are so high at the moment :? ) and so typically, throughout the day, my nose will be really cold. For me, it is the same with my other 'extremities' - the fingers, and the toes. Clearly, this is Raynauds - or something very close.

    When it gets really cold then yes, it gets red, although for me, typically, if it is cold then it is not flushed.

    At other times, my nose gets very hot and flushed (although like you it doesn't have to be hot to be flushed). There are lots of 'triggers' or causes, some I can pinpoint, some I can't. One is sudden changes in temperature. One involves the natural change in body temperature during the day (it fluctuates).

    My theory is that the cause is an imbalance in the nervous system, specifically, the autonomic (i.e automatic, unconscious) nervous system.

    With Raynauds, the idea is that in normal people, when they get cold, the body (the autonomic nervous system) constricts the blood vessels, to protect against loss of heat (as blood flowing through the vessels will loose a lot of heat when it comes in contact with the cold; so this is minimized). In people with Raynauds, this system basically goes wild, constricting the vessels far more than necessary. And then, later, it goes wild in the other direction, dilating the vessels - hence you get a flush.

    So basically, the problem is poor regulation or control of this system.

    One can see how the same basic system may well apply in the case of rosacea.

    Why specifically the nose? Well, I'm not certain, though the nose is a region of high concentration of capillaries, so one can see that the effects would be accentuated.

    Continuing my theory, I think that we have to do something to stabilise the autonomic nervous system. Currently, I'm thinking that in me the cause is a mineral (calcium/magnesium) imbalance; but if you search through Raynauds info, you might find something else that chimes with you.

    Having said all this, it is just one theory, and probably only part of the picture.

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    I can somewhat relate to this. When it's cold, my nose gets REALLY cold compared to the rest of my body. Outside in the cold and wind it will turn pink. My mother has Raynaud's so this might be the case for me as well. I have always cold feet but my hands are ok. When I have to go outside in the cold I will put on an extra layer of moisturizer (I use zinc ointment or another ointment) which somewhat protects against the cold/wind. On top of that I apply make up (cover stick) and hence my nose doesn't look so red when I am out.
    I hope this is of any use to you. In any case, I wish you all the best and hope you find something that works for you.


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    I have raynaud's too. my nose is always ice cold, unless its flushing. When I go out in the cold it goes bright red. I understand that the nose goes red during at flush as the blood vessels are dilated, but why does it go red when it's cold? you would think the vessels would contract and make the skin look pale.

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    Hi there.

    I have the exact same problem, my nose is also extremely sensitive to cold weather. I'm not sure about Raynaud's (havent read much about it), but don't think I have that, even if my hands and feet's are cold to. They seldom get discolored and numb (only if it's extremely cold), so if I have it it's a light version

    What I have seen though is that if I'm exercising, my nose behaves better and the redness could sometimes be less intensive and almost go away. But then my cheeks gets red instead ;-) But when my cheeks get red, they are hot and I have this tingling feeling. My nose is always cold and I have no tingling feeling at all. So I think it's a kind of bad circulation issue...

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