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Thread: What makeup do you use?

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    Default What makeup do you use?

    Before all of my issues started I never wore foundation. I would use Clinique concealer and powder when needed, but that wasn't very often. Now I need to buy stock in makeup for all I need to use to cover my redness!

    I bought some mineral makeup, which worked fine at first, until I stopped using the steroid cream and my face went mad.

    Do you use water-based, powder or both? Mineral or a department store brand?

    I've always had luck with Clinique, but I'm not sure what to buy. I don't want to irritate my skin or clog my pores.



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    MAC powder works great, covers redness well, and doesn't irritate my skin.

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    I tried dermablend and camoflage make up but it was sooo obvious.

    so now I use estee lauder double wear. It is quite a light make up so doesn't cover completely but kind of evens out the skin tone in a non obvious way.
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    Default MAKE UP

    I use Dermalogica and I love it. I have no issues or problems. And it gives you good coverage. You might find that some foundations made for women with rosacea does not have enough coverage. They have a lot of other products for sensitive skin as well. I wish I was rich I would get everything for my rosacea skin. As matter of fact when I get my taxes I might have to make a purchase.

    Try the ............

    ultracalming cleanser
    sheer tint redness relief spf15
    treatment foundation

    products are free of the following ingredients known for increasing skin sensitivity:

    Artificial colors
    Artificial fragrances
    S.D. Alcohol
    Mineral Oil

    I tried the new Corrective Foundation
    A total coverage by Vichy but I did not like it like I liked the Dermalogica. But you might. It has a setting powder too.^F1_FOUNDATION& TopCat=F1_FOUNDATION&mid=4&

    Good Luck!

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    Best makeup I have ever used is Clinique's's awesome...covers med to full if wanted and just one tiny pump does the entire face no problem....light as a feather...and it washes off sooooo easily...I have tried many foundations and to date this is the bomb! HTH
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    1. Sheer cover is a mineral makeup, works well but not suitable for a guy.

    2. Clinique almost makeup is light and natural looking. I use it occasionally and very happy with it. Cant tell I am wearing make up at all. But it doesnt provide perfect coverage.

    3. Dermablend is so cakey.

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